Ask the Experts: Design for additive tips and tricks

Watch the HP on-demand webinar where you will:


  • Learn how to apply HP’s MJF Design Handbook to specific problem areas on a manufacturing line
  • Understand how HP’s unique material properties can be leveraged for your benefit
  • Review material strengths, certifications, and design approaches to help you better solve problems

 Foxconn’s process engineer, Josh Almeter, shares his journey applying Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) principles on the factory floor. Josh uses HP’s MJF Design Handbook to address conveyor belt system challenges, optimize change-over tooling, and navigate business shifts during COVID-19. He innovatively tackles real-world problems beyond prototyping. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Josh.


Length: 59min

Our Speakers:

Dustin Kloempken, Applications Engineer, HP 3D Print


Dustin has been busy the last 7 years in the AM space working with companies around the world in a variety of settings. In the medical field he worked to discover ways to provide customized care on a mass scale. He helped a major automotive company cut a 6-month lead time for the creation of a finalized prototype to only 1 month. He also helped a major special effects company cut 2000 hours of continuous print time down to only 1 week so that the project could go off successfully on the Jimmy Kimmel live show. Dustin owes his success from experiences such as running a business, working in the energy generation fields and his education in multiple disciplines.

Justin Hopkins, Applications Engineer, HP 3D Print.


Justin works with companies to reinvent their manufacturing processes through the use of technology. Justin believes there are tools that help build the world around us and we are now enabling everyone to have access to a tool that gives you the freedom to create and manufacture. He was previously in the education and design field for Additive Manufacturing for thirteen years as the Rapid Prototyping Operations Manager at SCAD. He has dedicated the last three years to understanding the Orthotic and Prosthetics field through enabling the use of Additive Manufacturing for definitive devices. Justin holds a BFA in Furniture Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design.