3D print the right parts and tools


If you want to pioneer innovation in your business and drive its transformation – this is the guide for you. Put to proper use, the strategies, checklists, and examples it contains have the potential to save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars in reduced downtime and increased output per hour.


What you will learn


Based on insight from Ultimaker Application Engineers working with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, this guide is short but packed full of takeaways that will help you transform your business. It will reveal:

  • The 3-way application category checklist that we use to ensure no potential 3D printing application goes undiscovered
  • The 2 simple criteria Ultimaker application engineers use to identify and prioritize 3D printing applications that will achieve the fastest ROI
  • The best 5 questions to ask operators help to identify new applications
  • 6 examples of industry-proven applications that have saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars in reduced downtime
  • And much more…
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