The Wild Imagination of Artificial Intelligence

Times have changed – have your tools?


What is artificial intelligence (AI)? What is machine learning (ML)? And, how can both enhance your design process and help unlock your imagination? We talked to Manish Kumar, SOLIDWORKS CEO, along with Dr. Shrikant Savant, SOLIDWORKS Data Analysis and Science Director, and 3DEXPERIENCE Works Product Portfolio Managers Daniel McGinn and Chris Pagliarini to get their collective insights on how this technology is shaping the design industry and where it offers the most potential.


>> AI and ML’s relevance in the CAD world today and its future potential

>> How Dassault Systèmes and SOLIDWORKS are approaching the questions raised by using AI in creative roles

>> The AI and ML capabilities built into SOLIDWORKS browser-based tools and the       3DEXPERIENCE platform

>> How ML and AI can help you work better and open up your imagination

>> How you can embrace AI and ML in your design process and lifecycle

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