Innovative Components and TraceParts in 2022

TraceParts is pleased to share with Innovative Components the statistics of 2022 email campaigns and lead generation email campaigns.

Discover more about the expectations of our audience when it comes to marketing content

This year, TraceParts sent


email campaigns for you 

For a total of 




average open rate 

in 2022

average click rate 

in 2022

2022 General Average

23.9%   OPEN RATE


Your most successful email campaigns 

On open rate


Your Ultimate Guide to Pins!
March 18th, 2022

On click rate


Your Ultimate Guide to Locks, Latches & Hinges!
May 20th, 2022

This year, TraceParts sent 7 lead generation email campaigns for you which generated 317 leads in total

The best performing of these generated 80 leads. The topic was “Your Ultimate Guide to Locks, Latches & Hinges!”

The marketing preferences of engineers and designers

This research report about the marketing preferences of our engineering and design community was created in order to gain a clearer understanding of how and where they find the information they need to make important decisions for their companies

TraceParts 2022 email campaign statistics

These statistics are based on 458 campaigns sent out by TraceParts on behalf of its customers around the world during the first half of 2022.

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