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Have you noticed the growing interest in model-based definition? More and more, manufacturers are using this approach to guide product development.

That’s according to a new eBook from the industry analysts at Lifecycle Insights. In The Benefits of Model-Based Definition Initiatives: 5 Reasons Your Competitors Are Pivoting to MBD, they describe:

  • What a model-based definition is and how it compares to traditional drawing-based methods.
  • The far-reaching impact of MBD on your entire enterprise.
  • Which method best safeguards your drawings against misinterpretation.
  • And much more!


The eBook even explains the first two steps you need to take to launch your own MBD initiative.


If you’ve been putting off learning about this game-changing approach to product development, The Benefits of Model-Based Definition Initiatives eBook is a great place to get started.

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