Easily Model Organic Shapes—Even Sharks! with 3D Sculptor

Create the ultimate predator with browser-based design


Dive into the robust updates in 3D Sculptor’s xShape, now available on the connected device of your choice. Industrial design pro Jason Pohl demonstrates the powerful yet easy-to-use xShape app on a fun project, highlighting new/enhanced functionality, including:


>> Lasso Selection Tool – Speed up modifications in Sub-D modeling with this new tool that enables you to select nodes on a freeform surface that would otherwise be difficult to box select.


>> Fillet and Chamfer Commands – Save time creating rounded and beveled faces with these commands, now at your fingertips, within your xShape interface.


>> Working Zone – Select a specific part of a component on a subdivision mesh before you begin editing. Declutter your space and reduce errors by preventing accidental edits in another node, loop, or face outside the Working Zone.

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